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Code bases

LIVVkit -- a Land Ice Validation and Verification toolkit.

LIVVkit is a python-based toolkit for verification and validation of ice sheet models. LIVVkit tests a set of output regression test data against a benchmark set. Verification testing checks bit-wise accuracy of solutions, and reports inconsistencies, as well as providing differences in configurations between model and benchmark data. Standard output files are parsed for key information. Validation and performance testing are under development.

Currently LIVVkit is designed to work with the Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM), but should be easily extensible to other ice sheet models.

The latest release can be found on github: LIVVkit

Get a copy:
git clone [email protected]:LIVVkit/LIVVkit.git

CISM -- a Community Ice Sheet Model

The Community Ice Sheet Model (CISM) is a next-generation ice sheet model used for predicting ice sheet evolution and sea level rise in a changing climate. The latest release can be found on github: CISM

Get a copy:
git clone [email protected]:CISM/cism.git

FEvoR -- a statistical Fabric Evolution model with Recrystallization.

FEvoR is currently being integrated into PISM (the Parallel Ice Sheet Model). The main code is in C++ and there is a (planned) Python wrapper to run FEvoR as a stand alone model. The code is available on github: FEvoR

Get a copy:
git clone [email protected]:FEvoR/master.git